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Achterstraat 46-48
8051 GC Hattem
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038 - 44 42 897

Witte huisjes waarin Voerman Museum Hattem gevestigd is
Voerman Museum Hattem
De Hattemzaal met schilderijen van Bosboom, Snayers, en Eversen.
Hattem Hall

The Voerman Stadsmuseum Hattem is a unique museum of art, history and archaeology, housed in two 16th-century buildings. Discover the story of Hattem and its artists. Learn all about Jan Voerman senior, Jan Voerman junior, Jo Koster and Bé Thoden van Velzen, as well as the patriot revolutionary Herman Willem Daendels and the castle ‘Dikke Tinne’.

The Voerman Stadsmuseum Hattem is an art museum that showcases a rich collection of art, history and archaeology from Hattem and its vicinity. The paintings were collected by Jan Voerman Sr. (known as the “the painter from IJssel”) and his son Jan Voerman Jr. Verkadealbums (booklets in which people could paste collectible pictures sold with Verkade’s cookies and chocolate products) are the heart of the museum.

The town of Hattem as a theme in art

Numerous painters chose to make the town of Hattem a theme in their artwork: Johannes Bosboom, Jo Koster, Jan van Vuuren, Adrianus Eversen, and more. The museum also prominently features sculptures by Bé Thoden van Velzen.


The museum presents the history of Hattem with archaeological finds, a presentation about the Dutch patriot Herman Willem Daendels and the remains of the castle Dikke Tinne and other historical objects. Twice a year, the museum presents a new temporary exhibition on a different topic or artist.


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