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Our cookie policy sets out which cookies we use and how you can manage them.

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Which cookies do we use?

We use cookies on our website. Cookies are small data files downloaded by your browser when you visit the or any other website.

We think it is vital to provide information on which cookies are used on our website and how. We aim to ensure your privacy and make the website as user-friendly as possible. Read more about the cookies used by and via our website and what they are used for.

Functionality cookies

These cookies ensure the website works properly and are essential for it to do so. Parts of the website do not work without cookies. We use Microsoft functionality cookies to protect against cross-site request forgery.

No approval is required for these functional cookies.

Analytical cookies

These cookies allow us to analyze website use. We use Google Analytics cookies to view the following data:

  • Number of visitors to our webpages.
  • How visitors use the website.

To limit the number of requests for analytics purposes, Google Analytics reads and filters requests from “bots”. Google Analytics also stores the IDs of A/B test sessions.

Google Analytics cookie settings are privacy-friendly. No approval is required for these analytics cookies.

Marketing cookies

These are also known as “tracking cookies”. They are used to monitor your browsing habits, to tailor website content to your interests, and to provide personalized offers on our and third-party websites. These cookies combine your country, language and products you have previously searched for, to display relevant advertising on third-party websites. For this, we use a marketing agency. They have no insight into user data, they can see data via Google Analytics. More information:

We use Google AdSense cookies for these purposes. To find out more about what Google does with these cookies, visit the Google AdSense page, which is updated regularly. These marketing cookies require your consent.

We use the Facebook pixel alongside the marketing cookies mentioned above. The Facebook pixel is a snippet of software code that is installed on our website and is linked to our Facebook advertising account. It enables us to determine which website pages you have visited. We can remind you of these pages when you are logged into your Facebook account. We only use the Facebook pixel if you have provided your consent.

Links to third parties

Our website includes links to third-party websites (such as museums) and to social media platforms. If you click on these links, you leave the environment and our Cookie Policy no longer applies.

Changing and managing cookies

Web browsers can be set up not to accept cookies or to be informed when you receive a cookie. Remember that certain website functions will not work or will not perform at their best if you block cookies. How to reject cookies varies according to browser.

Cookies expire automatically after a certain amount of time. Cookies can also be removed from your device immediately after you visit a website. How to remove cookies varies according to browser.

Link to Privacy Policy

Cookies involve the processing of personal data. Read how we process your personal data in our Privacy Policy.


This Cookie Policy applies to the website. The Netherlands Museum Pass Foundation, with its registered office at Rapenburgerstraat 123, 1011 VL Amsterdam, Netherlands is responsible for this Cookie Policy.

Any questions?

We hope this Cookie Policy provides sufficient insight into how we manage this website and how we use cookies. If you have any questions or suggestions to improve our due diligence further, write to us at

March 2023 version