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The best museums for children, tips for family exhibitions and kid-approved activities.

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    There's always something new to be discovered. Museumkids is the place to be for kids up to 12 years old: a website with games, vlogs, museum tips and the option of posting real-life museum reviews. There’s plenty to do, and all free of charge – you don’t even need a Netherlands Museum Pass. Tikkit, the museum mascot for kids, will guide you!

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This is Museumkids

There’s always something worth visiting!

Raining outside? Going on vacation? Or just want to discover something new? With Museumkids, children can learn and discover all kinds of things for free, even without a Netherlands Museum Pass. Go out and review a museum or play a game on the app. This is Museumkids.

  • Museum reviews
  • Vlogs
  • Kid-approved museums
  • Earn badges
  • Games!
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Things to see and do for families, now open at the museum

Family exhibitions, activities and children's programs in Dutch museums. The best tips for a day out at the museum with your children or grandchildren.


Which museums are kids’ favorites?

Every year, our reviewers find out which museums are the most fun for children and deserve the ‘Kid-approved’ rating. All museums affiliated with the Netherlands Museum Association that received 60 or more reviews from kids with an average rating of at least 8 (on a scale of up to 10) during the last review period can call themselves ‘Kid-approved’.

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Museumkids awards

Museumkids Awards        Foto: Jorrit Lousberg

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