Hommage à Apollinaire van Marc Chagall

Hommage à Apollinaire by Marc Chagall     Delinking and Relinking     Photo: Joep Jacobs

This is one of the icons in the Van Abbemuseum's collection: Hommage à Apollinaire by Marc Chagall. This Russian artist made the painting during his first stay in Paris, where he found cubism as a source of inspiration. See how he divides the figures and shapes into fragments?


The painting is dedicated to Apollinaire, a prominent art critic and advocate of new art forms that emerged in Paris in the early 20th century. On the canvas, Chagall also mentions Canudo, Cendrars and Walden, expressing his appreciation of innovative art.


There is another meaning to this artwork: the circle can be interpreted both as a globe and - because of the numbers - a dial. The two human figures, Adam and Eve, are at the centre of time and space.

Feel and smell

In the exhibition Delinking and Relinking, you will find a tactile replica of Hommage à Apollinaire. By following the embossed reproduction with your fingers, you can 'see' the painting with your hands. Based on the artwork, a perfumer also developed a scent. This fragrance’s composition unites the opposites in the canvas: powerful heavy notes complement softer ones. This way, blind or visually impaired visitors are able to interpret this painting too.


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