Het wagentje tentoongesteld in het Universiteitsmuseum

Stratingh’s cart     The very first electric 'car' in the world

Stratingh’s cart is the very first electric ‘car’ in the world. It weighs a mere 3 kg. On a full battery, it can drive for 20 minutes and transport 1,5 kilos. No small feat for a design from 1835.

Researcher and entrepreneur

Sibrandus Stratingh, professor of chemistry and technology at the University of Groningen, designed it. In 1834, he drove through the streets of Groningen with a self-built steam cart. Although Stratingh’s cart may look like a craft project, it was very special for those days. Due to a number of fundamental changes made compared to previous electric motors, the efficiency of Stratingh’s engine was much higher. As a result, he was able to build the first electric vehicle that could actually carry a load, albeit a small one.


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