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Het gebouw van Stedelijk Museum Kampen met op de zijkant een zwarte schildering van het gezicht van een man met hoed
The Stedelijk Museum Kampen is located in the former town hall of Kampen
Schilderijen binnen in het museum met een gouden gloed
With beautiful museum pieces and with modern audiovisual means, a picture of the past, present and future can be seen

Stedelijk Museum Kampen focuses on water, religion, justice and the House of Orange. The museum’s highlight is the Schepenzaal (Aldermen’s Hall), dating to 1545. See what a court of justice was like in the past.

Stedelijk Museum Kampen focuses on four main themes: Water, Faith, Justice, and the House of Orange.


Kampen owes its wealth to the water. The water made it possible to trade with distant places, which became very lucrative. But the water was dangerous, too. The rooms focusing on the topic of Water illustrate the history of Kampen and the water. The old Hanseatic League, the rise and fall of the Hanseatic city, the current rise in sea levels: Kampen has always been closely linked to the water.


Traditionally, religion has played an important role in Kampen. Until the Reformation, Kampen was a Roman Catholic city. The city center was home to large churches and monasteries. After the Reformation, Kampen turned Protestant, and two theological universities were established here. Much has been preserved from this period. All this is on display in the rooms focusing on faith.


Kampen received city rights in the early Middle Ages. It therefore gained its own council and the right to administer justice which took place in the Schepenzaal (Aldermen’s Hall) dating from 1545 which is the museum’s showpiece. The hall has not changed for centuries. Visit the Schepenzaal and themed room to find out what administration and justice were like in the past.

The House of Orange

Stedelijk Museum Kampen displays portrait paintings of all stadtholders and kings of the House of Orange. All the portraits show the subjects from head to toe.

Stedelijk Museum Kampen has two ancillary locations: the Gemeentelijke Expositieruimte, municipal exhibition space, located in a former synagogue, and the Koornmarktspoort, a medieval city gate. All three locations house temporary exhibitions.


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