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Zeldenrust 5
1671 GW Medemblik
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06 - 23 975 661

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Buitenkant van Oorlogsmuseum Medemblik
Outside the museum
Expositie 'Keuzes in Almersdorp
Discover the secret attic and decipher code phrases of Radio Oranje in exhibition 'Choices in Almersdorp'
Expositie 'Weg naar Vrijheid'
Step into the shoes of a soldier and interactively learn more about the more unknown missions during World War II

Discover the road to freedom by following in a soldier’s footsteps and experience unknown but important WWII operations that led to the freedom of the Netherlands today at Oorlogsmuseum Medemblik!

Experience Oorlogsmuseum Medemblik

Oorlogsmuseum Medemblik is not just a museum of war history; it’s a fun day out for young and old. In the two permanent exhibitions, discover WWII stories interactively. In “Keuzes in Almersdorp”, see what it was like be a citizen of Almersdorp during the Second World War. Then, in the “Weg naar Vrijheid” exhibition, travel with an American soldier from the beach in Normandy to the liberation of Berlin.

Road to Freedom

The Road to Freedom exhibition focuses on five relatively unknown stories of operations that the American army carried out in Western Europe during WWII to give us our freedom today. Visitors follow in the footsteps of a solider and learn about the operations interactively. Help Jimmy Spencer check the cargo to be transported to three million soldiers on the Western Front and discover the role of Bailey bridges and the combat engineers who literally built these bridges to freedom.

Choices in Almersdorp

Which choices would you make? Discover the local stories on life during the war, decipher Radio Oranje coded messages, search for the secret passage, exchange goods on the black market and see how quiet you can be in the secret hiding place in the attic.


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