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Museum van Loon aan de Keizersgracht in Amsterdam
Museum van Loon on Keizersgracht in Amsterdam
De Rode Salon
The Rode Salon
De keuken
The kitchen

Museum Van Loon is housed in the former residence of Ferdinand Bol, one of Rembrandt’s students. Here you will find beautiful portraits, furniture, silverware and porcelain from different centuries on display.

Museum Van Loon is located in the Amsterdam canal district in a beautiful residence designed by Adriaen Dortsman in 1672. Rembrandt’s pupil Ferdinand Bol was the first resident of this canal house. The interior of the canal house still exudes the rich atmosphere of the city at the time.

The Van Loon family

The museum is named after the Van Loon family, the last residents of the canal house and the founders of the museum. For centuries, this family was connected with the trade and the government of the city.

In 1884 nobleman Hendrik van Loon gave the canal house on the Keizersgracht to his son Willem Hendrik as a wedding gift. Willem Hendrik lived in the house with his wife, their two children and their staff. Discover the family’s history through the rich collection of portraits, the oldest of which dates from the early 17th century.


Aside from the permanent exhibition in the house, garden and coach house, Museum van Loon also presents temporary exhibitions. The starting point of each of these exhibitions is a part of the museum’s collection or related to the house or the Van Loon family. The museum offers a program of heritage, art history and contemporary art. The current program is available here.


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