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Museum Joure
One of the industrial buildings at Museum Joure
de museumkoffieshop
Museum café De Túnkeamer for a cup of coffee, high tea or lunch
de fraaie museumtuin
The beautiful museum garden is a great place to relax in good weather
De werkplaats van de zilversmid in Museum Joure
The silversmith's workshop
authentieke drukpersen
Authentic printing presses

Museum Joure is a surprising museum where you can make things yourself, located in the center of Joure. Experience the passion behind production in ten national heritage sites, like the first Douwe Egberts factory. You’ll also be able to get to work yourself!

A surprising museum where you can make things yourself

Ever had a good look at a package of Douwe Egberts coffee? The front reads: Joure 1753. This refers to the historic industrial area in the center of Joure, the origin of the world-famous coffee brand. Joure and its museum are about more than just Douwe Egberts. Museum Joure is a surprising and versatile museum where you can make things yourself.

Get a taste of the origins of Douwe Egberts coffee and Pickwick tea

In Douwe Egberts’ birthplace, you can learn all there is to know about this world-famous coffee and tea company. From the popular Douwe Egberts gift items and classic advertisement art to beautiful tableware, fragrant coffee roasters and an ingenious tea-packing machine. Several buildings are also reminiscent of Douwe Egberts. Such as the remarkable shop De Witte Os (‘The White Ox’, model for the 2018 KLM Delft Blue house), the townhouse next door, the Pakhuis (warehouse) that dates to 1898 and the 18th-century house where founder Egbert Douwes was born. But Joure is about more than just Douwe Egberts, and so is the museum.

Marvel at the delicate engineering of Frisian clocks

Joure has traditionally been a town of artisans. Stimulated not only by the booming trade in coffee and tea, but also by the manufacture of the famous Frisian clocks. In the early 19th century, Joure was at the center of the clockmaking world. To this day, the town is home to typical Frisian clockmakers. Museum Joure also houses an authentic clockmaker’s workshop, as well as a clock store and the world’s largest collection of Frisian clocks.

Experience the artisanship of smithing and casting

Aside from the warehouses, workshops and rooms presenting the history of Douwe Egberts and Frisian clockwork, the museum is also home to a splendid former metalwork manufacturing facility. In the striking building, you can become acquainted with the art of brass casting, yet another craft traditionally practiced in Joure.


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