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De Hortus Botanicus in Leiden
Hortus botanicus Leiden
Tropische kas
In the tropical greenhouse you will find many shades of green and all kinds of special leaf shapes. From ferns and orchids to exotic aroids.
De Victoria amazonica, een reuzenwaterlelie, behoort tot de kroonjuwelen van de Hortus
Victoria amazonica, a giant species of water lily, is one of the crown jewels of the Hortus
De Clusiustuin heeft sinds de aanleg in 1594 zowel een publieke als een wetenschappelijke en educatieve functie gehad: een echt modern museum dus.
Since its construction in 1594, the Clusius Garden has had a public as well as a scientific and educational function: a truly modern museum.

The Hortus is the oldest botanical garden in the Netherlands. Laid out in 1590 and expanded over the centuries that followed, the Hortus is the green center of Leiden. A place for visitors and researchers.

The Hortus Botanicus Leiden is the best place for a peaceful walk through greenhouses and gardens. This is where Carolus Clusius cultivated the first sizable tulip collections in Europe and where Philipp Franz von Siebold introduced about 700 hitherto unknown plants from Japan and China.

Green treasury

Today, this green treasury serves as a home to rare plants from Southeast and East Asia, Southern Europe and Southern Africa, some of which have become extinct in the wild. It is a major international research center for scientists studying plants from the renowned Hortus collection. Plants have been collected and cultivated in these gardens and greenhouses for over four centuries, not just for scientific purposes but also to be enjoyed.


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