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Het Nederlands Artillerie Museum met uitzicht over het heidelandschap van de Noord-Veluwe
The Nederlands Artillerie Museum overlooking the heath landscape of the North Veluwe
Een tank
A tank from the collection

The Historische Collectie Korps Veldartillerie (Field Artillery Corps’ Historic Collection), also known as Het Artilleriemuseum (The Artillery Museum), presents the striking history of artillery, with a focus on the Korps Veldartillerie (Field Artillery Corps).

Military site

The Nederlands Artillerie Museum is housed on the military base on Woldberg Hill near Oldebroek. Discover the history of artillery through a diverse collection of paintings, weapons and uniforms. The exhibition is housed in four buildings, three of which are national heritage sites, amid an English landscape garden on top of the 60-meter-high ‘Knobbel’, offering a beautiful view of the surrounding area. Soldiers train daily and practice shooting a few times a week on the military site. During shooting practice the noise levels over the heathland rise considerably.

In order to visit the museum you will have to present a valid form of identification to the base guard, who issue passes. Without a pass you will not be allowed onto the military site. A museum employee will collect you at the gate and escort you on your way to and from the museum.

The history of artillery

Discover the history of artillery at your own pace inside the museum’s four buildings, aided by video and audio. An important year in this history is 1677, when the Dutch artillery corps was founded. Examine stunning mannequins, uniforms, model horses and guns throughout the museum.

The museum focuses on the Second World War, the Battle of the Grebbeberg, the Battle of Mill, the Princess Irene Brigade and the Cold War, highlighting the memorable role of Dutch artillery. These events are illustrated through video, audio and a striking collection of mannequins, uniforms and model horses. The exhibits are rounded off by an exhibition on recent deployments as part of peacekeeping operations. The Nederlands Artillerie Museum is definitely worth a visit.


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