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Frontage of the Hannemahuis, Voorstraat 56 in Harlingen
Granida and Daifilo, Jacob Backer (1640)
Reconstruction of the art gallery of Henricus Antonius Baur and his son Nicolaas as it was located on the Voorstraat in Harlingen around 1816
The miniature house by Daan Hensens, on display in the Hannemahuis' top pieces room
Multi-coloured tile with a portrait of a woman with millstone collar (Harlingen, 1620)
Statue of a Harlingen pottery woman painted around 1780 by Jan Eelkes Kronenburg. On loan from the Ottema-Kingma Foundation
Tile tableau with the whaler 'de Jonge Boom' painted around 1770 by Harlingen tile painter Pals Karsten

At the Hannemahuis, the history of Harlingen takes center stage. Experience how the last whaling ship got stuck in the polar ice. In the distillery, see how jenever (Dutch gin) was made in 1760.


The Hannemahuis is one of the oldest buildings in the center of Harlingen, and has housed the Gemeentemuseum Het Hannemahuis since 1957. History, for example of whaling and jenever, takes center stage here.


The Hannemahuis is fun for young and old alike. Come aboard in the maritime section. Learn how jenever is made in the distillery. Discover how Harlingen tiles became a famous export product. Marvel at the glittering silverware by Harlingen artisans. Ask for advice on buying a 17th-century painting in the art dealer’s shop, which dates back to 1816.


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