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Rokin 102
1012 KZ Amsterdam
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020 129 111 80

Fashion for Good buitenkant gebouw
Fashion for Good Building Exterior Credits: Presstigieux
Knowing Cotton Otherwise - credit: Lorenzo de Wit
Fashion for Good Museum

Discover the origin of your clothes. Where exactly does your clothing come from? Who produced it? What is fast fashion? What innovations could change the future of the fashion industry?


The Fashion for Good Museum is an interactive museum that makes use of the latest technologies. The museum aims to open visitors’ eyes to the fashion industry by explaining how the clothes we wear are produced, and showing what you can do to have a positive impact on the fashion industry. On a personal digital journey with an RFID (radio frequency identification) bracelet, you can learn more about the fashion industry, sustainable products and fashion innovations of the future.


The Good Shop sells clothing that proves good fashion is already available. The store features carefully curated collections based on inspiring themes.

Pop-up exhibition “Fashion Week: A New Era

The “Fashion Week: A New Era” exhibition celebrates fashion over the years and attempts to answer the question of how this event became a fashion phenomenon. How does Fashion Week influence the fashion industry? And what does the future of Fashion Week look like? Are big entertaining fashion shows still appropriate? Watch historic fashion by Balenciaga, Versace and Moschino on the catwalk and discover new work by fashion designer Ronald van der Kemp and digital fashion house The Fabricant.


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