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Keizersgracht 123
1015 CJ Amsterdam
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020 - 62 58 079

Het gebouw van Embassy of the Free Mind in Amsterdam
Embassy of the Free Mind at Keizersgracht in Amsterdam
De grote sael van Embassy of the Free Mind
The Great Sael from Embassy of the Free Mind
De bibliotheek/leeszaal van de Embassy of the Free Mind.
The library brings home more than 25,000 books

The Embassy of the Free Mind is a museum library housed in a historic building dating back to 1622: Keizergracht 123, Amsterdam. The library presents a platform for free thought, inspired by the ideology of the Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica. Visit the café and garden. Marvel at the beautiful prints, taken from the works of 17th-century freethinkers and others. Feel welcome.

Free thought is the capacity to formulate your own thoughts and ideas – independently, without boundaries or constraints and regardless of religion, culture and age.

What does the museum offer?

The museum captures the imagination through 200 images from its collection. Discover the story behind each one! Take an audio tour, marvel at the treasures of our collection in the Kleine Sael - small hall - attend a lunchtime concert in the Grote Sael - great hall - or sign up for a guided tour through the house. Discover the collection and examine the books in the reading room and the lounge or find a place to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in the café or the extensive garden. You can enjoy our vibrant online program of lectures and courses from home, too.

Amsterdam and free thought

How is it that, all over the world, Amsterdam is associated with freedom? It is in the city’s DNA. And freedom is what every human truly longs for. Humans are the only creatures that search for truth and freedom, and want to know the whys and wherefores of everything around them. But there’s no freedom without wisdom. Wisdom transcends such phenomena as dictated truth, superstition, prejudice and fundamentalism. Wisdom connects us all, and creates freedom. Since the 17th century, Amsterdam has been famous for its freedom of religion, individual freedom and freedom of the press. Back then, books functioned as the internet does today: they spread knowledge and connected people.

House with Heads

The Embassy of the Free Mind is located in the unique 17th-century city palace known as the House with Heads. This national heritage site was designed by Hendrick de Keyser in 1622. Six heads adorn the facade of the building. These represent the Roman deities Apollo, Ceres, Mercury, Minerva, Bacchus and Diana.


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