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Drawing Centre Diepenheim
Interieur Drawing Centre
Also visit Drawing Centre Diepenheim's extraordinary outdoor collection where artists showcase their vision of gardens, nature and the landscape.

Somewhat off the beaten path, you’ll find Drawing Centre Diepenheim, presenting contemporary drawings in a way that gives the visitor space and time for close observation, discussion, and appreciation of art and nature.

About the Drawing Centre

Drawing Centre Diepenheim is the stage for artistic drawings in the Netherlands. Its exhibitions, publications and public programs are developed from the perspective of a basic curiosity about the role and meaning of drawing within contemporary art in practice. The Drawing Centre also offers residencies, master classes and an educational program.

Drawing Centre Diepenheim is located in the region of Twente (province of Overijssel) and is surrounded by gardens and historical estates. It is a special place off the beaten path where visitors have the space and time for close observation and discussion, and to experience drawing as a means of discovering and understanding the world around us.


The wonderful outdoor collection of Drawing Center Diepenheim is the gardens, where various artists exhibit their vision on gardens, nature and landscapes.


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