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Anton Pieck Museum Noordwal 31 Hattem
The Anton Pieck Museum in Hanseatic town Hattem
Anton Pieck's own workplace his fireplace and his lead etching press
De  tafel vol met tekenspullen is het hart van het Atelier
The table with drawing stuff is the heart of the 'Atelier'
Museumwinkel van het Anton Pieck Museum
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Anton Pieck himself helped design the courtyard, façade and interior of ‘his’ museum in Hattem.

Enter the fairy tale-world of Anton Pieck via the historic courtyard. This home-like museum houses his desk and exhibits a large number of his works. The museum includes the sketches Anton Pieck created for De Efteling, a fantasy-themed amusement park and the Netherlands’ biggest theme park. Temporary exhibitions and workshops ensure that there is always something new to be discovered.

Permanent exhibition

The permanent exhibition includes Anton Pieck’s original work corner. The permanent exhibition is transformed annually during the winter break, for which the curator selects a new set of works by Anton Pieck from the repository. Works reflecting the many talents of this wonderful artist are always included in the exhibition. The ground floor includes the etching press used by Anton Pieck to create etchings, engravings and drypoint works. The etching press is still used for the etching workshops.


Two scavenger hunts have been set out in the museum, one for younger children and one for older ones. The latter can be done independently by the children or with the parents joining in the fun.

Designed by Pieck

Pieck himself helped design the courtyard, façade and interior of ‘his’ museum.


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