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Schansend 7
1509 AW Zaandam
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075 - 68 10 000

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Zaans Museum in een modern, glazen gebouw omringd door water
Zaans Museum, Zaandam
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Admire the heritage of the Zaan region

The Zaans Museum takes you to a world-famous part of the province of Holland. This part of the country is famous for its windmills, various industries, green wooden houses and iconic Dutch brands such as Albert Heijn, Honig and Verkade.

From windmills to cookies

The museum at Zaanse Schans takes you on a voyage into the history of industry, the region’s green wooden houses and its people’s entrepreneurial spirit. Learn all about the oldest industrial estate in Europe: the windmills and the factories. And don’t miss out on the Verkade Experience. Find yourself at an early 20th-century chocolate and cookie factory where the original production machines remain in operation and the history of Verkade comes to life.


The Zaans Museum has one Monet in its collection, The Voorzaan and the Westerhem. Monet painted this work after being inspired by a visit to the Zaan region in 1871, about 150 years ago.


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