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Nieuwstraat 23
1621 EA Hoorn
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022 - 92 80 028

Het Westfries Museum in Hoorn
Walk into the Golden Age...
De indrukwekkende schutterijzaal met een uniek vierluik uit ca. 1650, geschilderd door de Rembrandt van Hoorn, Jan Albertsz Rotius
Learn more about the West-Friesland in the 17th century
Werk van Snijder&CO
Enjoy lots of exhibitions

The museum is temporarily closed till mid 2025, but you can visit the , Nieuwstraat 23 in Hoorn

17th Century

The Westfries Museum focuses on the Dutch Golden Age. Wander around 27 halls filled with artifacts relating to the history of the city of Hoorn, the Dutch East India Company, applied arts, the militia companies, trade and archaeology.


The museum is housed in the Statencollege national monument, which dates back to 1632. Together, the collection and building tell the story of the Dutch Golden Age, its brighter and darker sides, with a special focus on the Dutch East India Company. The museum astonishes visitors by combining the past with the present. Aside from the permanent collection, the museum also offers temporary exhibitions and various activities several times a year.


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