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Het Westfries Museum in Hoorn
Walk into the Golden Age...
De indrukwekkende schutterijzaal met een uniek vierluik uit ca. 1650, geschilderd door de Rembrandt van Hoorn, Jan Albertsz Rotius
Learn more about the West-Friesland in the 17th century
Werk van Snijder&CO
Enjoy lots of exhibitions

Pay attention: the museum is closed from Januari 1, 2023 till mid 2025 due to a drastic renovation.

In the museum’s historic building, built in 1632, you’ll find 25 beautifully furnished rooms, each with its own theme and character.

At the beginning of the 17th century, West-Friesland played a part in world history as one of the most powerful regions of Holland. She became wealthy because of trade with almost every country around the globe. That history can still be seen in the VOC (Dutch East India Company) cities of Hoorn and Enkhuizen, but traces – the good and the bad – can be found in many other places in the world.

The story of an exciting period

The Westfries Museum tells the story of this stirring and exciting period in history. From the naval battle of the Zuiderzee whereby the West Frisian Golden Age began until the discovery of Cape Horn. From the wild speculation in tulip bulbs that began in Hoorn to the story behind the oldest share in the world that was issued by the VOC Chamber of Enkhuizen. All sides are covered – also the life story of Tabo Jansz, a black enslaved household servant and the large-scale killings carried out on the Banda Islands under the leadership of Jan Pietersz Coen. The history of West-Friesland can also be seen as a window looking out onto world history.

The museum also organizes temporary exhibitions whereby the present is reflected by the past, and actuality is never far away.


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