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Zonnebrink 4
7101 NC Winterswijk
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054 - 35 15 400

Villa Mondriaan
De jaren waarin zijn kunstenaarschap werd gevormd, bracht Piet Mondriaan door in de Villa aan de Zonnebrink 4.
Een wandschildering met kleurvlakken van Jan van der Ploeg.

Museum Villa Mondriaan Winterswijk tells the story of young Piet Mondrian. The museum exhibits exclusively Piet Mondrian’s early work and the works of his teachers, with a new exhibition on a new theme every six months. Experience Mondrian in dialogue with his contemporaries, innovators and talents of his time both young and old.

From conventional to experimental

Piet Mondrian rose to worldwide fame in Paris and New York. The fact that his painting career started in Winterswijk, where he lived from ages 8 to 20, is far less known. Discover how Mondrian developed from a traditional and conventional painter to an artist experimenting with color and shape at Villa Mondriaan.


Visit his former home and see how the Mondriaan family lived. Villa Mondriaan exhibits work by three of his teachers: his father, Piet Cornelis Mondriaan Sr., his uncle, Frits Mondriaan and painter Jan Braet von Überfelt. Photographs from the personal collection of photography pioneer Ger Fiolet on the upstairs floor show Mondrian’s life after leaving the Netherlands. The museum exhibits contemporary art both upstairs and in the new pavilion.


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