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The Weezenkapel in Nijmegen

Discover the history of orphanages and youth welfare in the Netherlands. This museum illustrates the history of a unique orphanage founded in 1863 in the village of Neerbosch, now part of Nijmegen, by Johannes van ‘t Lindenhout. This philanthropist believed that all orphans were entitled to a proper upbringing and education, so they could establish an independent livelihood once they turned 18.

The children left the orphanage as full-fledged professionals with a box containing everything they needed to make a life for themselves in the Netherlands, or even journey to the Americas or southern Africa.


The orphanage grew into an entire village, housing around 1100 children by the end of the 19th century. Every new house, as well as the church, was built by the orphan boys and their teachers. The orphanage also contained workshops where the children would learn a trade. The museum, situated inside the Beth-el church on the grounds, displays memories, photographs and tools connected to this unique orphanage.


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