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Keizer Karelplein 33
6511 NH Nijmegen
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024 - 36 08 805

Museum Het Valkhof in Nijmegen
Valkhof Museum, Nijmegen
Bezoekers in het museum
Visitors at the museum

Valkhof Museum is under construction. Spring 2025 the renewed Valkhof Museum will reopen at the Kelfkensbos. Till then the museum is open every Tuesday to Friday from 11-17 on a temporary location: Keizer Karelplein 33, Nijmegen.

With its impressive collection, Valkhof Museum illustrates 5,000 years of history. See how art and history affect our worldviews. This museum tells visitors more about Nijmegen’s rich history and its zenith in the Roman era and the times of Charlemagne. In the Roman Empire, Nijmegen was a city on the Lower German Limes, its borders, which are now listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The museum holds major artifacts from Nijmegen’s history. The museum also hosts regular temporary exhibitions on art, history and the sciences. Valkhof Museum is located in an innovative building designed by architect Ben van Berkel, in the historic Valkhof park in the city center.

Valkhof Museum also looks after the Museum Kam monument, on a street that bears its name. This building is currently being renovated and will open to the public one day a week on completion.


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