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Coriovallumstraat 9
6411 CA Heerlen
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Marvel at the remains of a real Roman bathhouse
Beleef 400 jaar Romeins baden!
New hyper-realistic exhibition takes you back 2,000 years!
Ga op expoditie door Romeins Zuid-Limburg. Een spectaculaire beleef- en tijdreis naar het Romeinse leven in eigen streek. We gaan een 2000 jaar terug.
Thanks to a 96-metre-long wooden walkway, you are literally standing face-to-face with the Romans!

Over two thousand years ago, Heerlen – then known as Coriovallum – was home to a large Roman bathhouse. Discover the impressive remains of these baths at the Thermenmuseum (bathhouse museum). Travel back to Roman times.

A spectacular experience travelling back in time to the Roman era in the region.

The city of Coriovallum

Discover the impressive remains of an ancient Roman bathhouse as well as a collection of objects originating from the Roman city of Coriovallum, buried beneath modern-day Heerlen, in a space of no less than 2,500 m2.

Visit the archaeological equivalent of Rembrandt’s Night Watch.

Travel back in time to this Roman bathhouse. Visit the realistic Roman bathhouse exhibition! Go on an expedition into Roman South Limburg. Travel 2,000 years back in time. Go on an expedition through the stunning landscape. Discover everything, from the city to the rural villas. Meet the locals and discover their religious, burial and dining customs. Experience the 400 years of Roman bathing exhibition which takes you 2000 years back in time. The star of the show is the recently restored Roman bathhouse, the oldest stone structure in the Netherlands. Feel as if you’re standing inside the bathhouse with hyperrealistic technology and 360-degree video images. Get closer than ever to the dig site with the new, one-of-a-kind walkway. Immerse yourself in the Roman bathing world.


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