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071 - 36 17 884

Streekmuseum Veldzicht met kruidentuinen er omheen
Streekmuseum Veldzicht is located in Veldzicht farmhouse in Noordwijk-Binnen
De kruidentuin van het museum
Discover the herb garden

Did you know that medieval Noordwijk was a center for herb cultivation? Streekmuseum Veldzicht (Veldzicht local museum) illustrates the fascinating agricultural past, from Blaarkop cattle to flower bulbs.

Noordwijk has a fascinating agricultural past. In the Late Middle Ages, the town was a center for the cultivation of herbs. Farmers kept Blaarkop cattle, a Dutch heritage breed of cows. Around 1850, the cultivation of flower bulbs started to flourish here.


All of these aspects are presented at the Streekmuseum Veldzicht. The former Alkemade spice store on Pické Street is housed inside the museum, and a herb garden has been created in front of the farm.


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