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Nieuwe Markt 1
9712 KN Groningen
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050 - 36 83 683

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Welkom bij Storyworld! Het leukste, coolste en stoerste museum van Nederland over strips, animatie en games.
Welcome to Storyworld! The best, coolest, wickedest museum in the Netherlands dedicated to visual storytelling in general and comics, animation and games in particular
Storytelling is a gift, but what about the artistic side? Find out more at Storyworld!
How are stories told, played out, in a game? Learn all about how games work
Bewonder originele schetsen van o.a. Aladdin.
Storyworld includes a wide range of original sketches of Aladdin, Asterix, Shrek, Ice Age, Tintin and many other well-known characters from comics, animated films and games!
Én ga zelf aan de slag! Bij onze interactieve installaties leer je spelenderwijs hoe een beeldverhaal in elkaar zit.
Participate in hands-on activities! Play and learn all about the structure of visual storytelling at our interactive systems.

Storyworld is the one of the most youthful, fun and cool museums in the Netherlands. The museum is all about comics, animation and games.

A museum packed with stories

At Storyworld, unravel the secrets of renowned storytellers. From the beginning to the end. Every superhero and every villain started out as a single line of pencil on a blank page. From Batman and Aladdin to Shrek, Tintin and Aloy.

At the museum you get to work with the building blocks of comics, animation and games. The museum has fourteen interactive systems! Find out what it takes to understand a visual story and how to create one yourself.


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