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3421 AC Oudewater
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Het gebouw van de Heksenwaag
The Heksenwaag in Oudewater
Twee bezoekers staan op een grote weegschaal
The inside of the museum

Are you a witch? At Museum de Heksenwaag, learn all about the persecution of witches. The history of weighing people accused of witchcraft goes back to the 16th century. Do you dare step onto the scales? Your bravery will be rewarded with a personalized certificate!


Visitors from all over the world have visited the weigh house in Oudewater for over a hundred years. People enjoy being weighed on the original scales dating from 1482, and receiving a personalized certificate. This particular site was used for weighing as early as the 17th century. Back then, being weighed was a matter of life and death for anyone accused of witchcraft. Many men and women were burned at the stake in the past. Oudewater was the only place in Europe that was granted the privilege of an honest weighing process by Holy Roman Emperor Charles V. Perhaps that’s why not a single person was ever condemned as a witch here at Oudewater.

Witch hunt

The museum, in the former weighing house, introduces its visitors to the history of the prosecution of witchcraft and the role the Oudewater weighing house played in it through captivating audiovisual presentations, an exhibition and the original scales. For children, there is an animated movie, a play area and a scavenger hunt.

Witch trial

Curious to find out whether you are a witch, or if you’re too light to fly on a broomstick? Well, step onto the original 1482 scales and find out. Perhaps you too will receive the highly coveted Certificaet van Weginghe from the weighmaster!


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