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Voorstraat 97
4132 AP Vianen UT
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0347 - 37 16 48

Stedelijk Museum Vianen
 Stedelijk Museum Vianen - Vanaf 1531 bewoonde Reinoud III van Brederode het Kasteel Batestein en oefende hier zijn titel als ‘Heer van Vianen’ uit.
From 1531, Reinoud III of Brederode was 'Lord of Vianen'

Stedelijk Museum Vianen is the cultural heart of the city, and hosts historical and contemporary exhibitions. Some exhibitions take place in the enclosed courtyard. The 17th-century clandestine church often hosts lectures.

Stedelijk Museum Vianen hosts 6 to 10 exhibitions per year. These exhibitions cover a wide variety of culture and art forms, and are aimed at a broad audience. Some exhibitions take place in the enclosed courtyard. The clandestine church, which was in use for 150 years, is now used for lectures and small-scale variety show events.


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