Yesterday Today Collectie tot 1950 Kazimir Malevich

Works of Kazimir Malevich     On view in 'Yesterday Today. Collection until 1950.'     Gert-Jan van Rooij

But I transformed myself in the zero of form and emerged from nothing to creation, that is, to Suprematism, to the new realism in painting – to non-objective creation.

From left to right:

  • Witte planes in Dissolution, 1917-18.
  • Supremus No.50, 1915.
  • An Englishman in Moscow, 1914.
    In february 2014, Malevich announced that he would abandon all appeals to mental difficulties in his art. This irrational attitude made his new work to be 'a-logical'. Although this painting resists a conclusive interpretation, it nevertheless offers clues: the sciossorsm sawm and saber suggest destruction. The Cyrillic text, zatmenie chastichnoe, means partial eclipse.
  • Lamp/Musical Instrument, 1913.
  • Head of a Peasant Girl, 1912.


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