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Donkerstraat 4
3841 CC Harderwijk
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0341 - 41 44 68

Het Stadsmuseum ligt midden in het centrum van Harderwijk.
Experience the city's colourful past and enjoy surprising art exhibitions
At Pension Harderwijk, guests stay, each representing a particular period of the city's history. Through their eyes, the museum visitor looks at Harderwijk's colourful past.

The Stadsmuseum Harderwijk is a surprising, revamped museum that tells the story of Harderwijk. The museum also mounts exhibitions on art, history or current affairs.

Stadsmuseum Harderwijk is a museum of and about Harderwijk. A welcoming, vibrant place where the city’s history and the visual arts take center stage. There are things to see, do and experience for everyone.

Discover the history of Harderwijk in Pension Harderwijk. Kamers vol verhalen! (Guest house Harderwijk. Rooms full of stories). The museum also mounts surprising exhibitions on modern and contemporary art. The Smeepoortzaal on the ground floor hosts a new exhibition every six weeks, showcasing the work of a local artist.

The story continues outside the walls of the museum. Follow the Sculpture Route through the historic city center or marvel at the 16th-century painted ceiling of the Grote Kerk.


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