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Maliebaanstation 16
3581 XW Utrecht
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030 - 23 06 206

Het Spoorwegmuseum in Utrecht van buitenaf
Railway Museum, Utrecht
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Discover how trains changed the world

Discover the story behind 175 years of the Dutch Railways at the Railway Museum. A life-size train station, exhibitions, exciting rides and a theater. You can even get there by train!

Travel through time

Restored to its former glory, the 19th-century Maliebaan station is a gateway to the wonderful world of trains. Go back in time and admire the Eagle, the very first steam locomotive in the Netherlands. Or journey on the luxurious Orient Express, discovering what it was like to travel from Paris to Constantinople in three days and nights. Your journey will take you under, over and alongside life-size locomotives where you can see for yourself what it was like to work on the Dutch Railways.


Just for kids, the outdoor playground takes young children on a journey through secret areas of the Railway Museum aboard the Jumbo Express. Don’t miss Trial by Fire, an award-winning 4D simulation where you can drive a train yourself!


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