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Brink 47
7411 BV Deventer
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Speelgoedmuseum Deventer
Speelgoedmuseum Deventer, the most playful museum in the Netherlands!
Discover the largest toy collection in the Netherlands
Discover the largest toy collection in the Netherlands
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Toy Museum Deventer has the largest collection of toys in the Netherlands. The most spectacular pieces are displayed in two characterful merchant houses, dating back to Hanseatic times. Discover that toys are not just entertaining, but also tell us a lot about ourselves.

Largest collection

Toy Museum Deventer curates the largest public collection of toys in the Netherlands. The collection consists of over 13,000 toys used in the Netherlands. Ranging from unique dolls and dollhouses to toy trains, mechanical and optical toys to board and video games.


The museum underwent major renovations in 2021. It has no large halls or corridors filled with art and items, but does have cozy rooms in two national heritage sites. The late-medieval warehouses have been kept intact as much as possible, to provide a perfect backdrop for these historic toys. The exhibitions connect the collection to various social issues, such as welfare, gender and technology.


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