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Museum de Gevangenpoort in Den Haag
Museum de Gevangenpoort in Den Haag
De ridderkamer van Cornelis de Witt
De ridderkamer van Cornelis de Witt
De Gevangenpoort neemt je mee door misdaad en straf door de eeuwen heen
De Gevangenpoort neemt je mee en vertelt over misdaad en straf door de eeuwen heen

Experience how people of the past were jailed, tried and punished at Rijksmuseum de Gevangenpoort (Prison Gate Museum). What kind of punishments were meted out? Come and see our collection of instruments of torture and punishment.


This building was once the main gate to the castle of the Counts of Holland, the Binnenhof (now the Houses of Parliament). In the 15th century, the medieval gate became the most important prison of the powerful Court of Holland. Later, the gate was expanded with the Gaols (jail cells) and the Court House. Suspects were incarcerated in the dark Gaols. Here they waited to be interrogated and sentenced. It was in the Torture Chamber that they were made to confess. The sentence was carried out after the court made a judgement, if possible with a large audience.

Famous Dutchmen

Cornelis de Witt and Dirk Volckertszoon Coornhert were incarcerated in the Prison Gate. They stayed in their own luxury cell, known as the Ridderkamer or Knights’ Chamber. From the Lady's Room you looked out over the Hofvijver and city life.

State museum

Since 1882, the Prison Gate has been a state museum and home to the national collection of instruments of punishment and torture. The Prison Gate Museum in The Hague tells the story of crime and punishment from the 15th to the 19th century. Four centuries of imprisonment, interrogation and punishment.


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