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020 - 53 13 148

Ingang van De Studio van Nemo
The Studio is an additional location of NEMO Science Museum at the Marineterrein
Energy Junkies - Climate Pharmacy
Energy Junkies - The Tunnel of Seduction
Energy Junkies - Choose your confrontation
Energy Junkies - CO2 diet

The Studio is an off-site location of the NEMO Science Museum, at the Marineterrein. It hosts temporary exhibitions for adults.

Energy Junkies

Visit the exhibition for adults at Nemo’s Studio: Energy Junkies.

Our addiction to energy, dependence on fossil fuels and the effect of energy consumption on climate change are the focus of this exhibition.

During your visit to Energy Junkies, you will make decisions that determine our future. How would you transform your energy addiction into a healthy habit? Create your own carbon dioxide diet, choose your medication at the climate pharmacy and dream about a world where we are cured of our energy addiction.

Project Tomorrow

What does the world of tomorrow look like? What role will science and technology play in it? In Project Tomorrow, NEMO is setting out to explore the future, working with researchers and partners in knowledge and art. The result is experimental exhibits and extraordinary installations. These raise questions, such as: What kind of inventions improve quality of life? Does humanity have sufficient control over new technologies? Just how smart should we allow such technologies to become?

Humanity’s hopes and concerns about the world of tomorrow vary greatly. Discuss this on the Wonderwall. We’d love to know what you think!


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