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Ingang van De Studio van Nemo
The Studio is an additional location of NEMO Science Museum at the Marineterrein
Living Looonger - Kringverjaardag - Foto DigiDaan
Living Looonger - Living Together
Living Looonger - Gesprek over de dood - foto DigiDaan
Living Looonger - Being Mortal
Living Looonger - Dokter Bibber - foto DigiDaan
Living Looonger - Staying Young
Living Looonger - Ouder worden - foto DigiDaan
Living Looonger - Aging
Living Looonger - Life hacks - foto DigiDaan
Living Looonger - Lifehacks

The Studio is an off-site location of the NEMO Science Museum, at the Marineterrein. It hosts temporary exhibitions for adults.

Living Looonger

Currently you can visit the Living Looonger exhibition at the Studio. Book your tickets now. Our life expectancy has doubled over the last 150 years. This means we are getting older and older. The current record is set at 122 rotations around the sun.


Come to the Living Looonger exhibition and discover everything about the future of ageing. Test your biological age, discover what you yourself can do to live as long as possible and share your thoughts on a world in which we grow older and older.

What can you do?

In this exhibition for adults you will experience what you can do yourself to get the most out of your life expectancy. We will delve into the mysteries of ageing, look at ways to stay healthy as long as possible, and show treatments that can slow down the ageing process or maybe even stop it entirely, which comes with its own set of risks. Is it possible that in the future we could reach the age of 150, or maybe even live for a whole millennium? And how would such a long life affect our zest for life or social roles? Would it be better if we embraced our mortality and familiarised ourselves with death.


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