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Westzeedijk 345(Museumpark)
3015 AA Rotterdam
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010 - 43 64 222

Het Natuurhistorisch in Villa Dijkzigt
The Natuurhistorisch in Villa Dijkzigt
Een jonge bezoeker beluisterd de audiotour
Learn all about (urban) nature and natural history

The Natural History Museum Rotterdam amazes visitors with its exhibitions on urban and rural nature as well as natural history. See a real sperm whale skeleton. Meet dead animals with a backstory: the Domino Day 2005 sparrow and the mouse of the House of Representatives of the Netherlands.

A dead serious museum

The Natural History Museum Rotterdam is a dead serious museum that never ceases to amaze. The permanent collection of birds, mammals, fish, insects, shells and plants illustrates the full extent of the Earth’s biodiversity. The exhibition ‘Opgeraapt Opgevist Uitgehakt’ (‘Picked up Dredged Hammered’) provides an overview of fossils found in the Netherlands. Highlights: the sperm whale skeleton and the bones of Ramon the elephant. Meet dead animals with a backstory: such as the Domino Day 2005 sparrow and the McFlurry hedgehog.


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