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Meikoel 2
6001 EE Weert
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0495 - 53 19 20

Museum W is gevestigd in het voormalige stadhuis van Weert © Arjen Schmitz
Zaal met het thema Lichaam.
Het thema Macht en pracht in de rode zaal.

Right in the middle of Weert’s city center is a brand-new, redesigned museum housed in a historic building. This unmistakable national heritage site, a former city hall, has been fully restored. Museum W is a repository of stories on what we consider valuable and meaningful and how that has changed. A museum about the past and present, on identity and how to create a meaningful life.

Provocative presentation

In Museum W you follow the cultural history route along various topics every person encounters in life independent of where they are or come from. Visit Museum W if you would like to know more about how people in the past and present have shaped, and continue to shape, their lives. What determines your identity? What is meaningful to you? What influences you? Museum W challenges. Experience the challenges via the interactive iPad tour.

Two faces

The exhibit is based on a collection with two faces, a regional and religious one. From prehistorical urns to silver objects in an exciting treasury. The exhibits include paintings, sculptures, utensils and unique trinkets dating from seven centuries. Feast your eyes on surprising colors and environments in the museum’s rooms.


Museum W organizes two temporary exhibitions every year. Visit the beautifully renovated former council chamber, which was the city’s center of power for many centuries to see small contemporary art exhibitions twice a year.


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