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Westhavenkade 54
3131 AG Vlaardingen
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010 - 43 48 722

Museum Vlaardingen
An eighteenth-century shipowner's house, a former office building and warehouse make up Museum Vlaardingen
Binnen in het museum
Get to know the city of Vlaardingen

At Museum Vlaardingen, experience 5,000 years of life in the Rhine and Meuse river delta, and learn about the lives of the people who live there. Discover how they survived in the delta, dealing with everything that water gives and takes away.

Located in the dynamic urban Waterwegregio, Museum Vlaardingen is a vibrant, active city museum focusing on the historical, current and future developments of Vlaardingen. The museum acts as a custodian for the city’s historical heritage, to give meaning to Vlaardingen now and in the future, based on its past. The basis for the museum is its core collection, the Collectie Vlaardingen. This collection is complemented by cooperation with and loans from other heritage sites throughout the city and beyond. Located in a characteristic historic building on Museumkade, with a view of the Balder museum ship and the historic city crane, Museum Vlaardingen tells the stories of a colorful city at the confluence of the New and Old Meuse. As a source of work and wellbeing, the delta provided hustle and bustle, activity, entrepreneurship, innovation, and prosperity. With its striking and varied program of exhibitions and activities, aimed at people in or from Vlaardingen, the museum strives for inclusivity: young, old and new residents can discover the city and feel connected to the museum’s stories, strengthening their bond with the city. At Museum Vlaardingen, visitors from the region and beyond experience how Vlaardingen is more than just a waterside Dutch city. Museum Vlaardingen has been intertwined with society for a century, and actively seeks cooperation with cultural, social and educational organizations. As one as the city’s cultural hot spots, the museum contributes to the municipality’s vision for the future: to create a social, safe Vlaardingen with an attractive, lively city center.


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