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2021 GE Haarlem
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023 - 54 10 670

Het gebouw waarin Museum van de Geest | Dolhuys gevestigd is. Het voormalige Pest-en Dolhuys van Haarlem
Museum van de Geest | Dolhuys
Viruses, microbes and mind health
Hoe zorgen we in de toekomst voor onze geest?
The Future Wall
Installatie Hokjesgeest; wijzende vingers die iedereen in een hokje stoppen
Fantastic to feel beautiful again - Tracy Emin
Fantastic to feel beautiful again - Tracy Emin
Masker van Damselfrau - Wat maakt jou jou?
Marc Quinn's Emotonal detox
Emotional Detox - Marc Quinn
Diverse objecten die te maken hebben met de vraag 'Wat is de geest?'
What is the mind?

Museum of the Mind | Dolhuys has been completely renovated and reopened at the end of 2020. The museum invites you on an interactive voyage of discovery into the mind. This is not as simple as one might think. What exactly is the mind? Does it exist inside or outside of your body? Can you influence your mind, and if so, how? Discover more about your own mind and the minds of others through personal stories, science, art and philosophical questions.

Controlling your mind

The museum does not send you off on your own. Through the digital tour guide, you will even hear the walls speak. They will guide you, ask you critical questions and challenge you. Just how empathetic are you? And what kind of personality to do you have? Meet scientists and philosophers that have been trying to find out how to control the mind for ages. Contemporary thinkers, rappers and artists tell their stories as well. Visitors gain insights about how they judge the world, for we all have an instinctive tendency to want to pigeonhole the human mind.


In addition to its heritage collection, the Museum of the Mind is also building an art collection that presents a different view of reality – regular artworks that challenge what is standard, as well as spontaneous and unconventional works of art, often by self-taught artists who operate outside traditional professional art circuits: Outsider Art.


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