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Keulsepoort 1
5911 BX Venlo
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077 - 35 13 457

Buitenkant gebouw museum van Bommel van Dam
Museum van Bommel van Dam in Venlo
Binnenzijde Duikbril
Museum van Bommel van Dam from another angle

Museum van Bommel van Dam is Limburg’s first museum for modern art, built in 1971. The museum hosts various temporary exhibitions on painting, drawing, sculpture and photography.

Be amazed at Museum van Bommel van Dam!

Museum van Bommel van Dam in northern Limburg displays modern and contemporary art and design. Come see it for yourself!

The building

This former post office is now a museum! This former function is reflected in the gold-colored monumental facade, inspired by envelopes. A true eye-catcher amid the Venlo cityscape.

Open to all

A large part of the museum is accessible for free: tickets are required only for the exhibition spaces on the first two floors.


See the remarkable window that protrudes from the roof? We call it the Duikbril (diving mask). Not just because of the unique shape, but also because it offers a unique view of Venlo. You don’t even need a ticket for it.


With two large exhibition halls, cabinets and works of art throughout the building, the museum has plenty of modern and contemporary art on display. For an up-to-date overview of our exhibitions, check


Both inside the museum and out, we are involved with projects on current issues in society. Looking for more information? Visit our website:


Our collection began with the donation of Maarten and Reina van Bommel - van Dam’s private collection. A comprehensive collection of modern and contemporary art by national and international artists, consisting of more than 14,000 works.

Period room

Founders Maarten and Reina van Bommel, born van Dam, are honored in the museum’s basement. Pepper’s ghost brings them back to life, in their own living room.


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