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Dorpsstraat 99
8899 AD Vlieland
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0562 - 45 16 00

Museum Tromp's Huys op Vlieland
Museum Tromp's Huys op Vlieland
Een eetkamer met tafel en stoelen in het museum
In het museum leer je meer over het eiland en de walvisvaart

Discover the history of the Wadden Island of Vlieland at Museum Tromp’s Huys (Tromp’s huis). Learn all about the lost village of West-Vlieland, the whaling industry, the ship Lutine, and more.

Old house

Tromp’s Huys dates back to 1575 and is the oldest existing building on Vlieland. Between 1896 and 1929 it was the residence of painter Betzy Akersloot-Berg. It is named after admiral Cornelis Tromp, who was highly regarded in Betzy Berg’s home country of Norway.


The history of Vlieland comes alive at Museum Tromp’s Huys. Discover scale models, silverware, nautical charts, paintings, ship models, a beautiful garden, and memories of Jan Jacob Slauerhoff. The museum offers weekly activities and multiple temporary exhibitions each year. Tromp’s Huys is a national heritage site.


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