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Museum Paul Tetar van Elven in Delft
Het interieur van het museum behoort tot de best bewaarde interieurs van de 19e eeuw
The interior of the museum is one of the best preserved from the 19th century
Paul Tetar van Elven schilderde voornamelijk portretten en historiestukken
Paul Tetar van Elven mainly painted portraits and history paintings
Zelfportret van de schilder
Self-portrait of the painter

The interior of the Museum Paul Tetar van Elven is among the 100 best conserved 19th-century interiors. Take a peek in the house and workshop of the artist who left his unique mark on the space here.

Paul Tetar van Elven, the artist, collector and teacher of drawing, lived in this canal house at the Koornmarkt in Delft from 1864 until 1894. As an artist, he mainly painted portraits, historical pieces and copies of old masters, a selection of which is hanging on the museum walls.

Personal style

Paul Tetar van Elven bestowed his own unique and personal touch on the house. In 1886, as a homage to the old masters, he hired Abraham Gips, his successor at Polytechnische School in Delft, to paint the names of the old masters on the ceiling of his salon. The rooms are lined with antique furniture, Asian porcelain and Delftware, which gives a good impression of what life was like for the 19th-century bourgeoisie.


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