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Thu - Sat 13:30 - 16:30
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Tue 13:30 - 16:30
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Dorpsstraat 55
6741 AB Lunteren
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0318 - 48 62 54

Kunst in Museum Lunteren
Art in Museum Lunteren
Kinderen in het museum
Discover the history of Lunteren
Klederdracht in Museum Lunteren
Costumes in Museum Lunteren

Discover natural and cultural historical treasures in the center of the Netherlands. A former milk shop is the setting for this museum of the history of Lunteren and its surroundings.

Museum Lunteren is a small-scale museum located in the town center of Lunteren. The visitors’ center for the region near Goudsberg, a hill at the center of the Netherlands, is in the basement of the museum. The themed hall containing the heritage of Lunteren is on the ground floor. The room adjacent to it is used for temporary exhibitions on a wide variety of topics, which are changed three times per year. In 2020, the museum was expanded with the addition of the Noordmans wing.


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