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Veghelsedijk 25
5401 PB Uden
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0413 - 26 34 31

Museum Krona aan de rand van Uden
Museum Krona on the outskirts of Uden
Het klooster van de Birgittijnse Abdij Maria Refugie
The monastery of the Birgittine Abbey Maria Refugie
De kruidentuin vol met geneeskrachtige planten
The herb garden full of medicinal plants

Museum Krona tells stories about religion through art, a monastery and its herb garden. The medieval, partially inhabited abbey complex is home to one of the finest collections of religious art in the Netherlands.

Krona is more than just a museum

Krona is a unique location in Uden where you can unwind, even if only for a moment. The thick walls of the monastery provide access to more than the special and tranquil location. They are also a gateway to stories told by the inhabited monastery, and the temporary exhibitions that never fail to delight. This is where old masters meet contemporary art. The objective of all of this – the guided tours, special lectures and activities for the whole family – is to provide food for thought.


Slow down and taste the dainty delicacies available at museum café Refter and on the spacious terrace looking out onto the tranquil herb garden. It’s the perfect place to sit down, take it slow and enjoy. Krona can be visited throughout the year, even without visiting the museum.


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