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Heemskerckstraat 9
1792 AA Oudeschild, Texel
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0222 - 31 49 56

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Museum Kaap Skil op Texel
Museum Kaap Skil in Texel
In Kaap Skil kom je meer te weten over juttersvoorwerpen en andere waterschatten
World's largest (interactive) maritime model takes you back to the Golden Age
Bezoekers in het museum op Texel
You'll be short of eyes in the beachcomber shop

Museum Kaap Skil looks at the relationship between Texel and the sea over the last 400 years. The museum exhibits a varied collection, containing items recovered by beachcombers, treasures from lost ships and the stories of the sea.

Living by, from and on the sea

The exhibitions at Museum Kaap Skil cover life by, from and on the sea. Admire great underwater finds by divers, the largest maritime scale model in the world, a beachcomber’s shed full of finds, information on the shipping industry to help you discover the importance of Texel in the 17th century. Museum Kaap Skil takes you on a journey through the maritime history of Texel.


The museum is housed in a sturdy building made of glass with a wooden beam shell. Behind the museum, a historic wheat mill, two 19th-century grain warehouses, authentically furnished fishermen’s cottages and a drying shed for seagrass.

Experience the Reede van Texel

For over four centuries, many Dutch merchant ships passed an area on the coast off Texel that was crucial to Dutch international trade: the Reede van Texel, in English roadstead off Texel. An 18-meter-long scale model shows what the roadstead off Texel looked like around 1660, with 200 ships, from herring busses and frigates to fluyts.

Collection of salvaged objects

On the second floor, you can find treasures salvaged from shipwrecks by divers and archaeologists.


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