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Piet Paris and others - Illustrations, glass art, fashion

8 March 2023 until 18 June 2023


This activity has ended.

In the exhibition Piet Paris and others - Illustrations, glass art, fashion in Museum JAN, work of fashion illustrator Piet Paris will be shown. Piet Paris, pseudonym of Pieter 't Hoen (born 1962), responds to Museum JAN's unique glass art collection with new work.

Illustrations, glass art, fashion

Piet Paris' drawings are placed in dialogue with fashion designs by leading fashion designers like Viktor & Rolf, Claes Iversen, Spijkers & Spijkers and Benchellal. Glass, drawings and fashion are displayed side by side, showing the basic principles behind each of Piet Paris' drawings: form, colour and symmetry.

Piet Paris

Piet Paris is known for his illustrations with characteristic lines, bright colours and female figures with slender silhouettes. For 25 years, his drawings have been published in various national and international newspapers and magazines such as Vogue and Elle. Piet Paris is an inextricable part of the international fashion world, with drawings for catwalk looks as well as the design of the catwalk decor for Victor & Rolf.


Paris is fascinated by aesthetics and displaying. As in his drawings, composition and colour combinations are crucial in the presentation of fashion and design. He for instance designed illustrations, displays and shop windows for US department store Saks Fifth Avenue and was curator of the Arnhem Fashion Biennale 3 times (2005, 2007 and 2009). He presents a special exhibition at Museum JAN based on this unique perspective on displaying, curating and illustrating. What do glass, drawings and fashion have in common? Paris analyses the designs and reduces them to various core values such as line, shape, texture as well as 'the soul'.

This activity has ended. You can no longer participate in this.

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8 March 2023 until 18 June 2023

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