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020 - 64 15 754

Museum JAN in Amstelveen
Museum JAN in Amstelveen
De eigen collectie bestaat uit unieke glasobjecten, bijeengebracht door de oprichter Jan van der Togt.
Museum collection Glassart, picture: Eddy Wenting
Tentoonstelling 'Op de leest van Jan Jansen - 60 jaar schoenen & Dutch Design' Foto: Eddy Wenting
Exhibition overview: 'Op de leest van Jan Jansen - 60 jaar schoenen & Dutch Design', picture: Eddy Wenting

Museum JAN is a museum of visual arts in Amstelveen with a special focus on glass art. The museum's own collection consists of unique glass objects assembled by founder Jan van der Togt. He collected international top art, based on what fascinated him aesthetically. In addition to this characterful collection, Museum JAN offers a broad and appealing exhibition program contemporary art and design.


As of January 2020, Museum Jan van der Togt continues under the name Museum JAN. JAN obviously refers to the museum’s founder Jan van der Togt. But JAN also refers to someone else: Jan Verschoor. He was Van der Togt’s consultant and is the museum’s co-founder and former director. In addition, he is an artist whose works are part of the museum’s permanent collection.

The museum was built around Verschoor’s house on the Dorpsplein (Village Square) in Amstelveen and he still lives there! From the museum, visitors can walk into Verschoor’s living room and admire his art collection.


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