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Huis Doorn
Werkkamer Wilhelm II
Werkkamer Wilhelm II
Uniformen van Wilhelm II
Uniformen van Wilhelm II
De badkamer van Auguste Victoria
De badkamer van Auguste Victoria
Tentoonstelling Nederland tijdens WOI
Tentoonstelling Nederland tijdens WOI

Experience the imperial grandeur of Huis Doorn. Wilhelm II, the last German Emperor, lived at Huis Doorn until his death. The Huis Doorn furnishings were brought in from palaces in Berlin and Potsdam. To this day, the manor looks fit for a monarch.

Imperial living

Huis Doorn is an imperial residence in the middle of a village. Visit the 18 authentically furnished rooms where the last German Emperor lived, and feel like you’re stepping back in time. After Germany’s defeat in World War I, Kaiser Wilhelm II fled to the Netherlands and lived here in exile. The original 14th-century water castle was converted into an elegant manor in the late 18th century. Wilhelm II bought the manor in 1919 and overhauled both it and the 35-hectare park to provide all the comforts he required.

The furnishings at Huis Doorn were brought from the imperial palaces at Berlin and Potsdam. The interior remains unchanged since Kaiser Wilhelm II died in 1941, and presents an authentic view of imperial living.

World War I

Huis Doorn Museum links the personal story of the German Emperor to the history of the destructive First World War and the soldiers that fought in it. The exhibition pavilion on the First World War includes these stories as well as information on the effect of the war on the Netherlands.


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