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Spinozalaan 29
2231 SG Rijnsburg
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071 - 40 29 209

Museum the Spinozahuis in Rijnsburg
Een gevelsteen met een vers van Dirck R. Camphuysen
A plaque with a verse by Dirck R. Camphuysen
bibliotheek van Spinoza
Library with Spinoza's books

The Spinozahuis Museum is located in the house where the Dutch philosopher Baruch Spinoza lived from 1661 to 1663. He lived in a small room where he ground lenses for optical instruments and wrote down his thoughts with a quill.

The house includes a reconstruction of Spinoza’s library. Against the backdrop of a room with an ambiance as might be depicted in a painting by Vermeer or De Hoogh, this collection of parchments and leatherbound volumes is unique in the world. The museum collection also includes portraits and reproductions of letters and documents. Also on display are old instruments used to grind lenses.
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