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9203 DD Drachten
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With its remarkable collection of 20th-century visual art, Museum Dr8888 is a leading museum of modern art in the north of the Netherlands. Enjoy works of art by Theo van Doesburg, Kurt Schwitters and more.

Museum Dr8888

Museum Dr8888 is a museum for modern and contemporary art in Drachten, Friesland. Its unique collection tells stories that should never be forgotten. It focuses on how in the early 20th century, the international avant-garde movement was brought to Drachten by Theo van Doesburg and the brothers Thijs and Evert Rinsema. The museum mainly displays art from the period between the First and Second World Wars, with a focus on the Dada and De Stijl movements, as well as works of art from the expressionist and The Hague School styles. The exhibits have a regional focus and draw connections with the here and now.

Museum residence Van Doesburg-Rinsema

At most museums, artworks are displayed hanging on the wall. In Drachten, art is part of the townscape, and you can even walk into the exhibits. Step inside this life-sized ‘painting’ dating from 1921; a complete residential home in De Stijl architecture. The Van Doesburg-Rinsemahuis has been fully restored, both inside and out, after extensive research into the historically correct colors and architecture, in line with the original philosophies of Theo van Doesburg, founder of the De Stijl movement.


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