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Brink 56
7411 BV Deventer
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Museum De Waag
Museum De Waag is the stage for the rich collection of Hanseatic city Deventer!
The Last Supper by Han van Meegeren, 1941
Museum De Waag
Deventer Highlights of national and even international fame
Museum De Waag
Experience the history of Hanseatic city Deventer in a bird's eye view
The Weigh House in 1861 by Cornelis Springer
Museum De Waag
This leather purse was probably owned by a wealthy 16th-century merchant

The iconic Museum De Waag (weigh house), located on the centuries-old Brink market square in the city of Deventer, is located in one of the oldest weigh houses in the Netherlands. Experience the rich history of this important Hanseatic city.

A Hanseatic city

Museum De Waag is a great place to find out more about Deventer, one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands. Explore the rich history of this fortified market town and industrial city, from the museum main exhibits.

Audio tour and city walks

A Dutch-language audio tour is available at the museum and will give you extra information on the exhibition. Take a walk through the city center, guided by the 3Deventer app. This walk connects the exhibition to the many of the historic sights of Deventer.


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