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Brugstraat 24-26
9711 HZ Groningen
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050 - 31 22 202

Canterhuis, Gotisch Huis en A-kerk in de Brugstraat, Groningen
The Gothic House and Canter House on Brugstraat in Groningen
The Canter House and Gothic House

The museum is closed until 2026. The Noordelijk Scheepvaartmuseum illustrates the maritime history of the northern Netherlands, as well as the history of the city of Groningen and its medieval buildings. Exhibitions vary throughout the year.

Museum aan de A is the successor of the Noordelijk Scheepvaart museum, which is changing course after 90 years. From a museum on the maritime history of the northern Netherlands to one about the city and the province. About the lives of the inhabitants of Groningen, ordinary and extraordinary. About successes as well as the dark sides. From Von Rabenhaupt’s victory in 1672 to Groningen’s involvement with slavery. Of course, we continue to tell stories about Groningen’s maritime history. If it weren’t for its maritime history, Groningen wouldn’t be Groningen. We’ll need another few years to turn it all around. So, it’s still a work in progress. From those wanting a quick bite of history to connoisseurs of history and culture: Museum aan de A will be for everyone.

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