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To be Continued - Nineties Productions

22 June 2023 until 7 July 2023


This activity has ended.

To be continued: an audiovisual production with technology as the main role and without a single actor.

The digital age

Our digital age has accelerated life to no end. In nanoseconds, we can access anything we want to know, interact with anyone, and create new worlds. You might think we have gained control over time, but have we? On the one hand, technology is just a tool that we develop and manage ourselves; on the other hand, it has the impact of a force of nature.

By presenting To Be Continued, an audiovisual production with technology as the main role and without a single actor, theatre collective Nineties wants to get people thinking about how digitization and technology affect their perception of time. The moment you buy your ticket, you will meet the protagonist of this installation, a chatbot on Telegram in need of your input for its digital performance on site.

To Be Continued highlights how modern-day digital culture and technology affect our interactions with time and explores this through an on-site digital performance. The fusion of various digital media and technology creates an immersive time experience, set against music inspired by the world of interfaces, apps and preloaders. During the experience, the bot uses visuals to question the visitor's triangular relationship with technology and time. With this production, Nineties takes the next step in its creative journey by going beyond the theatre.

This experience requires you to have a smartphone with Telegram installed on it, and will start from the moment you purchase your ticket.

This activity has ended. You can no longer participate in this.

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Children aged 13 to 18 and adults


22 June 2023 until 7 July 2023

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